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The Chosen One Vol 1 5E - The Dwarf Joke Book

Author: Andrew Chirgwin $14.99

This is the second volume of The Chosen One Campaign, at the beginning of this volume, the Party have been sent on their way with Klaus Engelstahl and a strange book apparently written by Goblins. On this journey across the Six Duchies, the Party get let into some secrets... awaiting further instructions.
While it seems like things are relatively calm and peaceful, delving into the deep leads to a shocking realisation.

This module uses the 5E OGL Sheet by Roll20.
Artwork for Portraits and Tokens created by the talented Vanderforge
While the long campaign could be started here, consider also playing the Prologue of The Chosen One

Included are:

• 15 Encounter Maps
• A national Map
• A region Map
• A map of the nearest major city
• NPC Artwork for 13 NPCs
• 7 Missions
• Encounters with a mix of SRD Monsters and Homebrewed Monsters to keep your players interested
• Dynamic Lighting for all major encounter maps
• Macro driven tokens to improve GM "Quality of Life"

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