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A Very Special Episode

Author: Naughty Zoot $4.99

Originally titled "Pick Your Poison", this module has been updated for full compatibility with the recently released Custodians of the Galaxy.

A Very Special Episode is the one-shot game of writing an episode of a raunchy Sci-Fi comedy show. Players step into the shoes of an Actor brought in to help write an episode of the show. The Actor can write anything they want, if they think their luck will hold out. On the other hand, the character they are cast to portray on the show must rely on their stats and die rolls to get things done. Balancing the two approaches, the players will have to embrace adventure, risk it all, redeem a flaw, and learn a little about themselves along the way. Or maybe it will just go to $#@%. Either way.

The show is called Pick Your Poison. It follows a group of custodians who work at a dive bar on an alien world. When the Health Inspector shows up it’s up to the custodians to snatch a passing rating from the jaws of a disgustingly filthy dive bar, a task made all the more difficult by a multitude of alien scum who frequent the establishment.

A Very Special Episode is a game for 3-6 players built on the Custodians of the Galaxy RPG system (included with purchase).

The Custodians of the Galaxy RPG system allows your Actor to write all the trope-laden nonsense your little heart desires. Hanging from the skids of a helicopter. Bomb defusal at zero seconds. “These readings are way off the charts”. It’s all possible.

But what about those that love crunchy, dice-driven gameplay? Custodians has that too. The stat and dice-driven side is fully featured with plenty of macros and a rich library of powers and “Canned Tropes” such as “Never Tell me the Odds”, “Are you Watching Closely”, and “Hello Clarice.” Your Custodian has 9 crummy stats but they also have a pile of “Daring Dice” with which they can chose when to be awesome and how much so. Resource management! Risk-Reward! Numbers! Nerd-type $#@%!

The Custodians of the Galaxy RPG system is… well just listen to this rave review:

“That’s nice dear.” -my mom.

See!?! Please buy this game and validate me!

This module includes:

A Very Special Episode is a significantly improved revision to its predecessor, Pick Your Poison. This new version includes dramatically improved rules and improved GM documentation.

Thanks for checking out my game!

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