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BFF! Best Friends Forever

Author: heart of the deernicorn $19.99

Best Friends Forever is a tabletop role playing game for 2-6 players of all ages. In it we tell a story about a group of young friends hanging out, having adventures, and exploring how our friendships change and grow.

Inspired by the award-winning rpg, Fall of Magic, BFF uses evocative visual and verbal prompts to inspire creativity and build meaningful connections between players as they build their own unique story together.

Download the rules for free at Heartofthedeernicorn.com/bff

This Roll20 edition includes everything you need to play including:
-17 Friends Tokens to represent our characters in the story
-50+ Charms to represent things our Friends like about each other and how we change and grow
-1 Hangout Guide spiral-bound with instructions, 13 hand-painted hangouts, a hangout map, and a yearbook to sign at the end of each session
-52 Friendship Cards with narrative prompts to guide us in the creation of our story
-MP3 of the BFF Theme Song "Best Friends" by adventure time composer Ashley Ericksson.

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