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Fate of the Oracle

Author: Arcana Games $24.99

Explore Arkadia, a bronze age wold of heroes and monsters, of gods and of titans — inspired by the history and myths of Ancient Greece.

This adventure is perfect for new characters, taking them from 1st to 5th level over the course of the adventure. It is set in the mythical bronze age world of Arkadia but is compatible with any setting inspired by the history and myths of Ancient Greece.

System: 5E
Levels: Low (1st to 5th)
Length: Long Campaign
Installation: Module

Roll20 Enhancements:
The complete Fate of the Oracle Adventure ready to play and laid out with illustrations for easy use, inspired by Ancient Greek mythology.

Arkadia and Fate of the Oracle are property of Arcana Games LLC. ©2020 Arcana Games. All Rights Reserved.

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