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Vampire of Van Bergen

Author: Arcania Adventures $7.99

A scalable one-shot adventure for level 1-6 characters presented in isometric format.

Young men and women in Van Bergen are going missing. Like many youngsters, at first it was thought they had fled their parents in a fit of rebellion, but soon it became apparent that something more sinister was about...

The city of Van Bergen, nestled against the edge of the Silent Sea and ore-rich mountain ranges, serves as a trading hub for the region. Wealth has flooded into the city as a result of its Lord's successful campaigns and adventuring to secure Van Bergen as an oasis of calm and commerce amongst the turmoil of the times. Many of the Lord's fellow adventurers hold key positions in the town, and they all continue to work together to ensure the protection and prosperity of Van Bergen.

The wine merchant, Ludwig van Claust, last saw his daughter, Luella, as she headed off to meet her friends along the foreshore of Van Bergen. Failing to return home that evening, Ludwig was concerned, but not yet distressed, As the days wore on, his anxiety grew as his investigations revealed Luella had planned to meet her secret lover down at the cliffs by the Van Bergen Lighthouse. However, anxiety turned to alarm when Ludwig discovered neither her friends, nor her lover, saw her that stormy evening.

Included in The Vampire of Van Bergen:

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