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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Death at Silverlight Manor

Author: Arcania Adventures

Module: A complete adventure. Must be selected when creating a game.

Price: $9.99

A scalable 5e Plug N Play Adventure for character levels 1-4 by Arcania Adventures™.

Silverlight Port, nestled between rolling hills and the ocean, has served as a critical trading port for hundreds of years under the rule of the Belastorm family. Lord Elden Belastorm has been very successful in negotiating trade agreements that have benefited his people and town. In recent years Silverlight has prospered with lucrative agreements with miners, traders and timber merchants.

The Lord and his only son, Varieos Belastorm, live in Silverlight Manor. The Manor is famed for its beautiful art and its mystical Moon garden, around which the Manor is centred.

Lord Elden's son has recently been sent to the nearby city of Van Bergen to finish his education and prepare him for a more responsible role in the management of Silverlight's affairs. His friend of many years, Rava Blackwind (a well known rascal and rogue) has accompanied him to Van Bergen, and together have found themselves spending more time in the lush casino of Van Bergen than they have the halls of the city's guilds and university.

Gossip in the taverns, inns and streets has turned to something sinister having befallen Silverlight. The whispers have rushed like wildfire through the city and now burn your ears as you hear a tale of magic, sorcery, and death.

Included in Death at Silverlight Manor:

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