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Darkness at Dragmore

Author: Arcania Adventures $9.99

A scalable 5e Plug N Play Adventure for character levels 3-6 by Arcania Adventures™.

The once prosperous hillside town of Dragmore has been plunged into an eerie darkness. The four Orbs of the Seasons have been stolen by the very man entrusted with their protection, the Arch-abbot of Dragmore Temple, Sern Maxus. Famine, disease and discontent have spread throughout the town as it now finds itself in a never ending twilight. The Priests of Dragmore Temple and the desperate townsfolk have pleaded with the Lord of Dragmore to find the Orbs and return them to the Temple. The Lord of Dragmore has called upon the Captain of the Dragmore Watch, Langdon Starfell, to find a way to return the Orbs to the Temple and restore the town's prosperity. Captain Starfell has set about seeking professional adventurers to help Dragmore recover the Orbs of the Seasons and remove the darkness at Dragmore.

Included in Darkness at Dragmore:

SRD5 Compatible Character Sheet, In-Game Tokens, Cross-Linked Handouts, Dynamic Lighting.

i Can only be used with Roll20; cannot be downloaded.

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