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Roll20 Marketplace Product

The Strange: The Curious Case of Tom Mallard

Author: Monte Cook Games

Module: A complete adventure. Must be selected when creating a game.

Price: $24.99

You are one of the Quickened. One of a handful of individuals on this world who have discovered the existence of a Chaosphere that looms over all and serves as a playground to an unfathomable number of entities that could consume Earth and all the dimensions, or recursions, that sit in our planet's shadow. This constant threat is known as The Strange.

The Strange, is written by Bruce R. Cordell and Monte Cook and is the second system published by Monte Cook Games. Much like their flagship title, Numenera, The Strange also is based on Monte Cook’s Cypher System. The game presents a modern earth setting that can, and is expected, to transport players to fantasy and sci-fi dimensions, as well as your favorite fictional worlds of film, tv and literature.

Purchasing this campaign from the Roll20 Marketplace gives you a copy of The Strange Rulebook. It also has a Roll20 conversion of the startup-adventure found at the end of the book, The Curious Case of Tom Mallard.

In this adventure, players are tasked to shake up a local recursion miner (a dimension hopper) who has suspiciously gone inactive. The quest for Tom will lead players to the recursion of Ardeyn, a recursion governed by magic, and eventually delve into ancient ruins to find their target’s whereabouts.

Custom Character Sheet, Downloadable PDF, In-Game Tokens, Handouts, Use of Jukebox, Decks, & Rollable Tables.

i Can only be used with Roll20; cannot be downloaded.

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