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Simple System

Author: Dashing Inventor Games $9.99

Now Roleplaying is for Everybody

Simple System is a brand new way to role play that is fast to learn and easy to play. Its unique card based resolution mechanic takes advantage of Roll20's robust deck system, and allows for fast attempt resolution with deep and interesting results without the need for math, re-rolling, or referencing of tables. In just a few minutes those new to role playing and seasoned role players alike can have a whole party of deep and interesting characters created (using the included automated character sheets) and begin their adventure!

This module includes a 3 act sample adventure suitable for 3 to 5 players (including the GM), set in the "Starward Horizons" Space Opera Setting. It includes 3 beautiful battle maps, a number of tokens, a complete Setting Deck complete with unique items, weapons, and opponents, and a set of 15 Skills and 15 Traits for use in character creation. A campaign outline and setting primer document are include in the attached ZIP file along with the Simple System Rules, we've done all the work for you can start playing right away!

We've even made a tutorial video to get those new to Roll20 up and running as fast as possible, you can check it out at:

Simple System is made by Dashing Inventor Games - Play What Feels Good

Downloadable PDF, Handouts, Use of Jukebox & Decks.

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