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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Journey to Aranash Virtual Board Game

Author: DnDPlay20 Games

Module: A complete adventure. Must be selected when creating a game.

This Module is available in the following bundles

Journey to Aranash is a competitive board game where players move on a board to reach the Tower of Aranash first. This game is our first original board game release!

• For 2-6 Players
• Child Friendly (10+)
• Adult Friendly
• Choose from as many as 16 optional player tokens to play!
• Be the first player to reach the Tower of Aranash!
• Experience up to 40 different encounters where players combat monsters of all sorts!
• Be rewarded with up to 39 Treasure cards and uses them strategically against the other players!
• You can be wounded by failing encounters, and you can be healed by being successful!
• Land on Teleport Circles to advance on the path more quickly!
• Use the special Roll20 Macro System to make your rolls with the click of a button!
• Dying is not the end, it is just a new beginning!
• Sabotage the advancement of the other players, or even swap spaces with them by playing a treasure card!

DnDPlay20 is a partnership which consists of various community members and our founder.
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The Journey to Aranash Virtual Board Game is inspired by the Tower of the Prophets in Dragons of a Winter Storm, the novel by Peter Dutcher. You can get the novel here:

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