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Tomb of the Vampire General

Author: WatcherDM

Module: A complete adventure. Must be selected when creating a game.

Price: $24.99

• The party learns of missing workers at a nearby archeological dig, and decide to / are convinced to investigate and help. They discover the workers have been abducted by bloodless monsters.
• The party finds the entrance to the tomb of a sleeping vampire from ancient times, whose minions abducted the workers and brought them here.
• The party enters the tomb, demonstrating their strength, intellect, and guile, and eventually reaching the penultimate chamber of the tomb, where they find the missing workers.
• The party can depart at this point, their initial mission complete, or continue on into the burial chamber of the vampire, to battle, interrogate, or pledge loyalty to this dangerous but intriguing being.

• A thousand years ago, this planet was the homeworld of a terrible dynasty, ruled by powerful undead, remembered by history as “the Old Kingdom”. The Old Kingdom waged war across the stars, their last grand crusade led by the uncommonly sadistic fey elf vampire, General Marmaiya Samiyak.
• The Old Kingdom’s greatest foe was another interplanetary empire, ruled by psionic beings called Cyclopeans.
• The war between the Old Kingdom and the Cyclopeans was hugely taxing for both sides. The Cyclopean admiral Kal-Yul led a desperate invasion on the Old Kingdom homeworld to end the war. Though the invasion was repelled, the Cyclopean astro-􀏐leet destroyed, and Kal-Yul captured, the Old Kingdom
won a pyrrhic victory that left them unable to continue their conquest of the stars.
• Marmaiya Samiyak decided to entomb themself, to sleep until the Old Kingdom built up their strength once more. Soon after the general fell into their unquiet sleep, a spectacular cataclysm destroyed the Old Kingdom, reducing their great cities to rubble and scouring their deeds from the world.
• Marmaiya Samiyak’s tomb stayed mostly forgotten, only discovered on occasion throughout the centuries, and always to disastrous results. This most recent incursion has been the worst, as previous tomb robbers, now undead servants, are attempting to awaken the general by feeding them blood.
• 100 years ago, professor Regis Rex discovered the tomb and went missing shortly after.
• A month ago, Pierre Sinclair funded a dig to 􀏐ind Old Kingdom artifacts. The dig uncovered the outer parts of the Tomb and awoke the Bloodless who resided there. The Bloodless emerged from the dark and abducted several workers, bringing the dig to an abrupt halt. When Roberta and the Diggers
Union pushed for safer working conditions, Sinclair brought in “scabs”, non-union workers, and there were further abductions. Now, work progresses uneasily; too slow for Sinclair, too dangerous for the workers. It is only a matter of time before there are even more abductions and deaths, either above or
below the earth.

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