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Author: Sasha Reneau

Module: A complete adventure. Must be selected when creating a game.

Price: $19.99
This Module is available in the following bundles

Spindlewheel is an interpretive tarot-like storytelling game where you weave together a story from card to card.


The objective of the game is to tell a satisfying story. Your Character might win wealth and respect and come away from the adventure a better person; they might crash and burn, and end the story as a warning to others. Both of these are victories if they fit the arc of the story you’ve told, and bring satisfaction to you as a storyteller.


Spindlewheel’s fundamental verb is interpretation.
Each card’s text evokes an idea. The upright and inverse text are different. Sometimes they’re diametrically opposed; often, they’re two sides of the same coin. Use the card as an anchor for the part of the story that you’re telling. A card can be a person, an event, an attitude, or a physical object. Use as much as the entire card, or as little as a single word. A card is interpreted twice: once when it enters your hand, and again when you play it. It does not have to be the same interpretation.

FOR EXAMPLE: I might draw the Hearth card and Reflect that I feel like people closed their doors to me; but I might Engage that card later, declaring I won’t do the same to someone else, and play it to invite someone into my home.

- Festival mode for bombast and mayhem
- Longform mode for legend and slowburn
- Spindlewheel Classic deck
- bonus Kickstarter expansion deck!

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