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Petals and Thorns: Strangers in Ramshorn

Author: Chamomile Has Adventures $19.99

Prince Darius and the Order of the Lion believe the Prince has a right to rule the Eastern Frontier and a duty to end the chaos ravaging it.

Harlequin and her Lunatic Court believe the Frontier doesn't need Darius or his army imposing their laws, and they have no right to march in and claim the place after fifteen years of abandoning them to bandits and civil war.

Caspar and the Other of the Third Eye believe that with sufficient understanding of the world, all problems can be swept aside and utopia ushered in.

Lidia and the rest of the Vlatla Clan believe that all proclamations of moral belief are a sham, everyone is trying to get ahead by whatever means necessary, and as a vampire, it turns out that "pretend to be a good person" isn't a very effective means for her, so she's not going to bother.

Sharra and the Order of the Wyrd believe that war must be prevented at all costs, and that the interests of the factions can all be balanced with one another rather than burning the Frontier to cinders while they fight over it.

Caught in the middle, Ramshorn is plagued by knights-turned-bandits, goblin raiders, an ever-growing swarm of spiders devouring everything in their path, and more threats besides. The party is their last line of defense against the chaos of the Eastern Frontier spilling over into their backyard, but the factions quickly headed for war over that Frontier have taken an interest in the town. Provoked to umbrage, any one of them could be a more deadly threat than any of the monsters in the wilderness. Any one could also serve as powerful allies if coaxed into friendship, but allying with one risks alienating the others.

What do you believe in?

System: Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition
Starting Level: 3
Length: Epic Adventure (6-10 sessions)
Features: Dynamic Lighting, Tokens with Stats, NPC Character Sheets

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