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Roll20 Marketplace Product

The Lilac Labyrinth

Author: Slowquest

Module: A complete adventure. Must be selected when creating a game.

Price: $4.99

Adventure introduction:

The Lilac labyrinth presents its prize in the entrance for all to see, a beautiful lilac tree, said to provide magical healing to those who drink tea brewed of its petals. Obtaining those petals however, is not as simple as it initially appears.

A classic dungeon crawl lies ahead for a small group of low to mid level adventurers, a confusing labyrinth with tests of all kinds. This adventure would fit nicely into your game as a little side quest where one of your adventurers, or perhaps an NPC is in need of magical healing.

What's included?

Included in this package you'll find everything you need to run this small adventure:
- An illustrated isometric map of the labyrinth
- Isometric style tokens drawn specifically for the adventure.
- A detailed GM's overlay for the map which details everything needed in the adventure.
- A helpful guide handout to assist you in getting started with this adventure.

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