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The Bonehole

Author: Slowquest

Module: A complete adventure. Must be selected when creating a game.

Price: $4.99

The adventurers have been sent to the lair of Domegus the Wretched with reliable information that she is currently elsewhere. With only Domegus’s assistant Herglum present, the players will need to investigate the lair to discover the necromancer’s plans to summon a demigod known as Gronch the Bone-Wurm, and then find a way to either destroy the partially summoned Gronch, or sabotage the Necromancer’s plans to wield Gronch’s power.

Written & Illustrated by Bodie H.
Editing by Leon Conor Jiriki Thole
This adventure is designed for level 1 to 3 adventurers, best experienced with a small group.

Adventure features:

More content from Slowquest

I am a TTRPG designer and fantasy illustrator, specialising in all sorts of fun content, always fantasy and usually for 5th edition. I release adventures, tokens, maps and more on my Patreon at

Bodie H is a TTRPG designer and illustrator, specialising in simplicity, fun and classic adventuring.
Regular adventure content, as well as years worth of back-log is all available for next-to-nothing over at the Slowquest Patreon.

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