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Custodians of The Galaxy

Author: Naughty Zoot $9.99

Full RPG rule set and 50-hour campaign

A group of Actors and their Director sit down to do an emergency rewrite for their upcoming Sci-Fi TV serial when dark powers intervene. Why did the VP of Original Content nix the first script? Did the series writer really have a psychotic break? Or was something more sinister at play? In Custodians of the Galaxy, you and your players will take the helm and try to rescue the show. The costumes, props, and set pieces have all been created. You’ll have a pile of notes and letters from the previous project team to use to piece together your own script, and along the way perhaps you can sort out what went wrong the first time.

Key Gameplay Mechanics

Campaign Features

I am not a company. I am a person that wanted to make something and share it with other people. This game has been in development and play since 2013 and has well over 2000 hours of work. Enjoy!

Other Stuffy Stuff

System: Custodians of the Galaxy RPG system (included)
Starting Level: 1
Length: Campaign (10+ sessions)
Features: Dynamic Lighting, Tokens with Stats, NPC Character Sheets, Pre-gen Character Sheets, Custom Macros

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+ All Access Vault Enabled
You and your players can export existing Characters from other games into this game using the Character Vault feature. Read more »