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MARKERS! Status - 5e Edition

Author: Renflowergrapx

Token Marker Set: Add a set to your game, then Token Markers can be added to individual tokens while playing. Token Markers

Price: $4.99

The perfect collection of markers for your characters!
The package includes a full set of well-readable markers for your tokens that will help you to express yourself and also mark your character's status!

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68 Token Markers Included in MARKERS! Status - 5e Edition

Cannot Attack
Music Bard Bonus
Music Bard Malus
Death Saving Throw Fail 1
Death Saving Throw Fail 2
Death Saving Throw Fail 3
Death Saving Throw Success 1
Death Saving Throw Success 2
Death Saving Throw Success 3
Cannot Steal - No Action
Paladin Bonus
Paladin Malus
Satus Deafened
Shield Def denied
Shield Def Down
Shield Def Up
Shield Defence
Status Bleeding
Status Burnt
Status Charmed
Status Dead cannot
Status Dead
Status Drunk
Status Exhaustion
Status Eye 1
Status Eye Blinded
Status Frightened
Status Grappled
Status Incapacitated
Status Invisible
Status Paralyzed Tied
Status Petrified
Status Poisoned
Status Prone
Status Restrained handcuffed
Status Speed
Status Stunned
Status Unconscious
Statz CHA down
Statz CHA up
Statz CON down
Statz CON up
Statz DEX Down
Statz DEX up
Statz INT down
Statz INT up
Statz STR down
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