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Cryptocartographer Spell Effect Token Markers

Author: Cryptocartographer $4.99

Token markers for spell effects.

• 79 markers optimized for fantasy d20 systems.
• All-original art, designed for legibility at smaller sizes.
• Versatile images adaptable to multiple uses.

Categories include:

• Effects with duration
• Schools of magic
• Bardic inspiration
• Familiars
• Wild shape
• Disguise
• Enhanced vision
• Magical buffs and debuffs

Also available in this series of token markers:
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See our other products at https://marketplace.roll20.net/browse/publisher/427/cryptocartographer

79 Token Markers Included in Cryptocartographer Spell Effect Token Markers

Attract Magnet Pull
Bardic 06
Bardic 08
Bardic 10
Bardic 12
Bardic Music Lute
Cloud Smoke
Compass Find Locate
Door Portal Gate
Effect Air
Effect Armor
Effect Blessed
Effect Blood
Effect Color Prismatic
Effect Control Hypno
Effect Dance
Effect Detect Perceive Find
Effect Disease
Effect Disguised 1
Effect Disguised 2
Effect Earth
Effect Entangled Vine Grow
Effect Faerie Glow
Effect Fire
Effect Heat
Effect Hero Banner Rally
Effect Hex
Effect Jump
Effect Laughter
Effect Light Beacon Spot
Effect Mist Fog Blur Obscured
Effect Multi Mirror Shadow
Effect Nature Leaf
Effect Silence
Effect Speed Haste
Effect Speed Slow
Effect Tentacle
Effect Touch Hand Grasp
Effect Turned
Effect Water Breathe
Effect Water
Effect Web Spider Climb
Familiar Bird
Familiar Fish
Familiar Shape Wolf Hound
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