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Colorful Token Markers

Author: Twisted Rainy $4.99

This is a set of Token Markers compatible with the new update! Use them to convey conditions and statuses within your games, with multiple colors to either suit your preference, or to differentiate two statuses that are similar, but ultimately different.

Every style of token comes in 5 different color options.


(NOTE: Due to possible trademark issues, the HP Cross does not come in red.)

There are tokens to convey conditions from the 5e, however the icons themselves are platform agnostic if you'd prefer to use them with a different system.

In addition to the conditions, there are more generic icons to convey stats, including HP, Speed, Attack, Defense, and Special/Magic, as well as variants showing if those stats are increasing or decreasing.

Finally, the up and down arrows are included as their own entry in this pack so you can place them over your own icons for your use.

142 Token Markers Included in Colorful Token Markers

Blinded Black
Blinded Blue
Blinded Green
Blinded Red
Blinded Yellow
Charmed Black
Charmed Blue
Charmed Green
Charmed Red
Charmed Yellow
Deafened Black
Deafened Blue
Deafened Green
Deafened Red
Deafened Yellow
Fright Black
Fright Blue
Fright Green
Fright Red
Fright Yellow
Grapple Black
Grapple Blue
Grapple Green
Grapple Red
Grapple Yellow
Incapacitated Black
Incapacitated Blue
Incapacitated Green
Incapacitated Red
Incapacitated Yellow
Invis Black
Invis Blue
Invis Green
Invis Red
Invis Yellow
Paralyze Black
Paralyze Blue
Paralyze Green
Paralyze Red
Paralyze Yellow
Petrified Black
Petrified Blue
Petrified Green
Petrified Red
Petrified Yellow
Poison Black
Poison Blue
Poison Green
Poison Red
Poison Yellow
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