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Pronoun Party Pride: Neopronoun Token Marker Add-On

Author: Tiffany Munro

Token Marker Set: Add a set to your game, then Token Markers can be added to individual tokens while playing. Token Markers

Price: $4.99
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Your party's full of non-binary characters! Your game master's got an alien species with 5 different genders and the homebrew demons have 12! Someone else is playing a vending machine given fell life by a necromancer with terrible pronounciation. Yet another person is playing a collective of shapeshifters occupying one body for convenience as they avenge their homeland. How can you keep track of all these different identities? Enter Pronoun Party Pride!

Pronoun Party Pride contains the traditional pronouns of he, she, and they.

It also contains 20 modern (and in a couple of cases, archaic!) non-binary Neopronouns: A, Ae, Co, E, Ey, Fae, Mx, Ne, Per, Sie, Te, Tey, Thee, Thon, Ve, Yo, Xe, Xie, Zie, and Ze. All of these pronouns come in various pride flag color schemes as well as aged paper, gray stone, white, and black. If someone's pronoun falls outside of this spectrum included is the request tag: Ask Me and Name Only, for those who prefer to avoid pronouns altogether.

Example on how to use a non-binary neopronoun in a sentence: Fae (used when one would use: they) is browsing the marketplace. Faer (used when one would use their) wishlist contains hundreds of items. Fae does not play RPGs by faerself (used when one would use themselves).

Included in only white, black, aged paper, and stone are the additional identity markers: it, many, multi, one, our, and we.

Some people may chose to identify as "it". For example, I have done this while roleplaying as an animated levitating evil wig. It is an appropriate pronoun for a formerly inanimate object now imbued with eldritch locomotion, a machined or artificially created being, a robot, etc, and should only be applied to a player character on their specific request. Descriptions of quantity are intended to indicate a collective or a singular soulled being and should also only be applied on someone's request. By activating this add-on, players will be able to chose their own identity token marker by selecting the bottom middle gear when they click on their token, so be sure to let them know!

An assortment of pride flags are included as blanks. Sorry if I didn't get your preferred flag or pronoun combination in this pack; there are quite a lot and it was getting to be too much to manage. I'm happy to make your flag or pronoun label. Let me know through the forum instant message system or by email so I can make your variation for a future pack!

How to install a Token Marker Add-On? Go to Games and select the game you wish to add Pronoun Party Pride to, opening up the editing panel where you can set the cover, invite players, look for players, change settings. In the bottom right you will see 'token marker sets' and a black + sign. Click on this and select Pronoun Party Pride from the dropdown. You must be the original creator of the game in question to add a Token Marker add-on.

341 Token Markers Included in Pronoun Party Pride: Neopronoun Token Marker Add-On

Ae ace
Ae aged paper
Ae aro
Ae bi
Ae black
Ae genderqueer
Ae stone
Ae inter
AE pan
Ae rainbow
Ae white
Aro flag
Ace flag
Bi flag
E ace
E old paper
E aro
E bi
E black
E genderqueer
E stone
E inter
E pan
E rainbow
E white
ey ace
Ey old paper
Ey aro
Ey bi
Ey black
Ey genderqueer
Ey grey
Ey inter
Ey pan
Ey rainbow
Ey trans
Ey white
Fae old paper
fae aromantic
fae ace
fae bi
fae black
fae genderqueer
fae grey stone
fae inter
fae nb
fae pan
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