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Speak With Dead

Author: Tom Cartos

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

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Speak with Dead: A Fifth Edition Mystery Horror Adventure

Investigate two mysteries across three levels of play in this seafaring mystery adventure!

Speak with Dead is a Fifth Edition mystery adventure for three to five characters of 6th to 8th level and is optimized for four characters with an average party level (APL) of 7. This is a mystery adventure where the characters will need to look carefully for clues, take downtime to research, and travel to multiple locations. Although there are plenty of combat opportunities, players looking just to bop things may not find the story to their liking. Characters who successfully complete all parts of this adventure should reach the 10th level.

The adventure takes place in a coastal region called The Mirror Coast, set within the DMDave campaign world of Omeria. However, you can easily fit the adventure into any tropical or sub-tropical region with plenty of space to sail and explore sweltering jungles.


Most men want wealth. And most wealthy men want power. But what do powerful men want? In the case of Jasper Wright, he desired immortality above all else. Ninety-nine years old and wearing thin, the wealthy, powerful noble Wright knew his days were numbered. With urgency, he turned his attention to learning methods of true permanence.

A respectable spellcaster in his own right, he knew the typical means by which to extend his life: diabolical deals, lichdom, vampirism, clones, and simulacra. However, he did not want to “ruin” his “perfect self” through such paltry methods. Wright wanted a solution that would ensure that he lived forever without forsaking a part of himself.

And he found it.


As a DMDave adventure, you can expect the following features and benefits:

Quick Guide

System: D&D 5E
Starting Level: 7
Length: 20-30 hours
Installation: Add-On
Sheet: D&D 5E by Roll20


Install this Add-On via the dropdown menu in the Game Addons section of the Game Details Page. Select Speak With Dead and click on the blue Add to Game button beside the drop-down menu.

Bug and Technical Issue Reporting

If you encounter any bugs or technical issues with this adventure or any of DMDave's adventures on Roll20, visit our Bug Report Page and let us know!

For more adventures by DMDave head over to his Roll20 Marketplace.

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