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Sixty Feet Under (Agents of Edgewatch AP 2)

Author: Paizo

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

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Uncover Buried Secrets!

After stopping a perilous bank robbery, the Edgewatch agents follow the money to uncover the source of the street-level corruption. Within a long-lost corner of Absalom’s subterranean Catacombs, they find a cabal of murderous worshippers of the so-called Skinsaw Man. The agents will need to dig deeper than ever to take down the cult’s leader—a bloodthirsty butcher known as the Skinner—and get to the bottom of the zealots’ grand plot.


What's Inside?

An adventure for 4th to 8th level characters!

All book assets and information fully integrated for the VTT, including all 75+ monsters and 8 full-color maps with GM layer information and Dynamic Lighting support (requires plus / pro subscription), rollable tokens, rollable tables, and macros.

Content Warning

While Sixty Feet Under contains typical Pathfinder action and adventure, it also presents scenarios—particularly in Chapter 4—that fall into the realm of horror. These scenarios include depictions of serial killers and body horror. Before you begin, understand that consent from everyone at the table, including the players and the Game Master, is vital to a safe and fun play experience. You should talk with your players before beginning the adventure and modify descriptions or scenarios as appropriate.

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This title is also available in PDF format from the Paizo store.


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