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HA - HexAcaso

Author: Daniel R. $6.99 USD

How about exploring the world instead of jumping from dungeon to dungeon? (can be used without playing in crawl style, using tables for randomness only)

In this package you will find a vast set of large and automated tables, so with just a few clicks, you will be able to discover new locations in the best Hexcrawl style, letting your creative imagination flow; as well as random encounters of monsters, npcs and even events.

What is Hexcrawl?

In a game of Hexcrawl, the GM starts by creating the starting area where the group will start the adventure, being able to count on the help of the other players to popularize this point, taking advantage of the origins of the characters made for the adventure.

It is important to have a place of origin to set the adventure and to place it as a reference point: this is where the characters will return to spend their treasures, seek rest, healing, training and clues for new adventures.

It is not necessary, however, to detail this place excessively, because we do not want the starting point to have too much “gravity”, in order to attract the focus of the story for you. We want players to be on a constant journey.

Random Tables:

i Can only be used with Roll20; cannot be downloaded.

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