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Sidequest Adventures: The Phantom Woman

Author: Julien De Lucca

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

Price: $12.99

A Sidequest Adventure of mystery and undead terrors!

The newly appointed duke of Farway is facing a terrible menace: undead hordes from deep within the woods are attacking the caravans that come in an out of the forest, making the life of Farway traders very difficult, aside from the fear of eventually being invaded by the monsters. The duke needs the help of seasoned adventures to deliver valuable cargo to the capital, making sure it arrives safely. However, there's something else behind the undead menace...

Sidequest Adventures: The Phantom Woman is a 5th Edition adventure fit for a party of four 5th level characters and can be easily played as a one shot or entwined in any Dungeons & Dragons 5E campaign. It is the first complete adventure developed by Sidequest Battlemaps, created by professional RPG writers with decades of experience!

You will find in this pack:
● A 1-2 sessions complete adventure for 5th level characters that can be used as a stand-alone game or mixed in your own homebrew campaign.
● All assets and information fully integrated for Roll20, including five high quality maps, with GM layer information and dynamic lighting (Dynamic Lighting requires Plus/Pro subscription).
● 13 monsters and NPCs, all with original handout, image and token artwork.
● Four pre-generated characters to start playing immediately.

System: D&D 5E
Starting Level: 5
Length: Short Adventure (1-2 sessions)
Installation: Add-On

And if you'd like to see more battlemaps, tilesets, spell markers and more, check out other SIDEQUEST BATTLEMAPS packs here!! Enjoy!!

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