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Wilderness Puzzles

Author: Paul Camp $4.99 USD

Can You Brave The Wild?

With Wilderness Puzzles, the very ground under your PCs’ feet IS the puzzle!

How it works:
The wilderness is full of dangers and opportunity. And your players must carefully study the lay of the land if they are to avoid certain death and triumph over their enemies. Only players who can figure out their surroundings can fully use them to their advantage.

What I like about this puzzle is that players can work on it together. And once it is finished, players will have laid out the wilderness terrain for a combat encounter that includes hard cover, soft cover and all kinds of hazards and advantages. This way, the finished puzzles doubles as a map. Ideal for rogues, rangers, and any character who likes to fight smart. Just drop a monster on the map and you are ready to go.

You can also use the wilderness terrain pieces to quickly create an interesting battlefield on the fly. Because players become familiar with the terrain pieces and their hazards and advantages, they will start using their environment more, instead of just charging the monster and trading blows until either one drops. The hazards and advantages scale and will be as relevant at low levels as they are at high levels. Also, this puzzle is system agnostic. Use it with any RPG you like.

This pack comes with:

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