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Roll20 Marketplace Product

High Seas

Author: 2D Storyteller

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

Price: $9.99

Create animated battle maps on the High Seas!

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“I see that look in your eyes and that sword on your hip, ‘here there be heroes’ says I, and I’ll wager they’re fixing to bring an end to the darkness on this land. But you and your friends won’t be facing any dark lord unless you can make it across that sea. So, aye, I have a ship and she’ll reach your heading. But drowning is the least of it; something lurks beneath those waves ya hear? And you won’t be finding it on any land lubbers map...”

‘High Seas’ brings’ animated Battle Maps to Roll20; bringing your adventure scene to life before your players' eyes. Construct your own ‘Action Maps’ with atmospheric audio alongside animated and static art, a journey across mysterious seas of the old world. Inside ‘High Seas’ you will find the monsters of the sea, locations and ships, use it to take your players from coast to coast. Have your heroes boarded by pirates, explore distant shores steal a kiss from a mermaid or attract the attention of the legendary Kraken…

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