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The Prepless GM

Author: Paul Camp $4.99 USD

What is the Prepless Gamemaster?

The Prepless Gamemaster is a complete system for playing RPGs without any prep work.

You can just sit down and start playing whenever, wherever.

The tools of the Prepless Gamemaster will help you to effortlessly deal with the unexpected in a way that is exciting and drives the story forward. If you like preparing your games, the prepless GM will allow you to better deal with situations where players do not follow your carefully laid plans.

I know some GMs believe that you must always spend at least some time preparing for every game. But I’ve been running completely prepless games for over 20 years. And every time I came across a challenge – whether it was running a riddle, murder mystery, or even an escape room – I created a tool for running that story without any prep. The Prepless GM is the culmination of 20+ years of playtesting tools that will help any GM run a game on the fly.

For Beginners:

As a beginning DM, dealing with the unexpected can be really difficult. But if there is one thing you can count on, it’s that your players will not always follow your carefully planned prepwork. No amount of preparing your sessions will keep you from having to improvise. You just can’t plan for every eventuality.

The Prepless Gamemaster will teach you how to deal with situations where you don’t have a story ready. And the best part is that you can use the techniques for the rest of your GMing career. It’s what I wished someone had told me when I started GMing.

For Experts:

If you’re like me, as you grow older – with more responsibilities – free time is at a premium. You don’t always have the time to create adventures or campaigns. But you also want to surprise your players and keep the group together.

The Prepless GM teaches a style of play that allows you to play any RPG without any prepwork. With these tools you can create quality adventures and even campaigns on the fly. Now you can prepare as much or little as you wish and always have a story available.

For Roll20:

The prepless GM is available in digital book format on drivethrurpg. For Roll20 I've added an extra chapter on running prepless games online. There are also quick reference links to pull up the info you need during play. And I've added a random dungeon generator deck that will allow you and your players to create dungeons in seconds.


So take your GMing skills to the next level with the Prepless GM.

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