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The Tree of Strife

Author: Nathaniel D. $5.99

What's that dear Dungeon Master? Tired off all your dungeons going down deep into the earth.
Do your players long to reach to the sky along the clouds and the birds?
Would your dastardly druid never been found dead in a stone dungeon?
Well then this is the map pack for you!
The Tree of Strife is a fully dynamically lit dungeon that is built inside a massive tree.
Your adventurers enter among the roots and must fight their way to a beautiful treetop boss area.
Your adventurers will never forget this dungeon to be sure with it's unique vertical design.
The dungeon is empty, ready to be filled with props and all manor of terrible beasts!

Disclaimer: NathanielD. designs will not be held liable for damage caused to the dungeon by stray fireballs.

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