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Eldritch Tracking Countdown Clocks - Rollable Table Add On

Author: Tiffany Munro

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

Price: $5.99
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These villainous time keeping devices are used to build suspense, as alternative fancy dice, or for games in which tracking clocks are necessary, such as the inspiration for this set, Blades in the Dark. Why? Because I wanted to make some creepy tentacle eldritch dread horror clocks. Each of these are spooky in their own way. While I had one game in mind when I designed this set, suspense-building with clocks can be done in all RPGs, building hype as the system you have established ticks down to inevitable doom. Want to freak your players out? Tick it a notch forward. Doom is coming!

This is NOT an image pack. These are set up on rollable tables in the game "Eldritch Clocks". In order to set them, select and right click on the clock token, pick "multi-sided", pick "set side". To position it on something other than the old book map background, you will find the tables under the "Collection" tab. Select "Token" which will place the clock as a token on the board. It can be resized to be larger if you prefer.

With this set, I went with an eldritch, occult, dread elder god sort of theme to suit their uses as means of visually indicating of what horrors await the players should they fail. They all start out in grayscale (with some very slight exceptions, though they always reduce the gray as time progresses and become brightly colored in the transition phase and a few of them gain the scribbles of a mad cultist's mind as they are exposed too!)

So, we have:

The "Third Eye" purple 2 clock.
The "red eyes mask activate" 2 clock.

The "red target" bone 4 clock
The teal mandala 4 clock.

The blue Cyber Snowflake 6
The Eldritch Eyes purple 6

The poison green 8
The red fire 8 clock.

The Cthulu Purple 10 ticker.
The cultist tentacle green and red clock.

The teal and red six pointed star 12 tickers, inlaid with a glow. I made two options on this one for funsies, and also because the final 12 is red.
The red Blood Blade 12 ticker.

And of course you can use any of them as a 2 tracker if you only use the empty, middle, and full states, and the 8 and 12 as a 4 clock, if you leave out the middle pieces and just use 2/4/8 on the 8 clocks and 3/6/9 on the 12 clocks. Maths!

Finally, there's an old book page to use as a stage for the clocks if you don't plan to place them in a map.

All of them are designed to look super evil, a little bit magical and eerie in some way, and will certainly fit the tone of a Lovecraftian mystery or weird horror, as well as your magical powerful bordering on insane magic users. I imagine I'll be using these clocks in use for antagonistic plans popping off in the background as my players make hard choices about what to investigate, and less for say, sanity tracking or the creeping likelihood of police catching up to the player characters, but use them for whatever you want!

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