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Fantasy Furnishings: Taverns, Inns, & Homes

Author: Mark Stern $4.99

All the essential (and some just for fun) furnishings to dress up your buildings. This set includes everything you need to create detailed interiors of taverns, inns, and homes. It's a great addition to your dungeon dressings as well!

To see how simple and versatile they are, watch this short tutorial video: Link to Fantasy Buildings & Furnishings Tutorial Video

This bundle includes:

Dynamic lighting is already enabled on objects that emit light and all of them are ready to drag and drop onto your maps!

NOTE that this set includes PNG files. Many PNG files on one map have been known to slow down the load time and performance of many devices (especially older). For larger maps (above 15X15) or maps that will include many objects, it is recommended that you download the assets and put them together using an image-editing program such as Photoshop/GIMP, save the maps as JPEG files, and upload them to your Roll20 background.


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