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Sidequest Battlemaps: Mazes - Dynamic Lighting Version

Author: Julien De Lucca $6.99

Find the lost artifact hidden in the Golden Maze, venture into the deadly depths of a complex dungeon, beat the king's challenge on the palace gardens, conquer the flooded caves and secure a rare herb!!

Sidequest Battlemaps: Mazes - Dynamic Lighting Version offers 8 high quality maze maps - in plain and lit versions - already set up with Dynamic Lighting and light assets, a few more assets to include in your maps and PNG "spells" for the solution of the mazes already set up in the GM Layer. The adventure ideas may help you get creative in multiple ways to use the mazes for your players to get lost into! If you'd like to see more of whats in the pack, check out all the content in the downloadable version of Sidequest Battlemaps: Mazes.

And if you want more high quality battlemaps, magical spells or furniture for your adventures, check out other SQ content clicking here! Enjoy!!

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