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Dan's Deck of Infinite Keeps

Author: Dan DiPietro $6.99

Creating your very own stronghold or keep can be tedious work, but not with the Infinite Keeps modular maps. Choose from over 190 tiled maps to create your own unique castle structure. Each tile is based on a 10x10 grid so that it easily fits on your game board. Infinite Keeps maps includes many furnished rooms such as:

Want to customize your fortress even more? Not a problem. You can use the unfurnished map templates to create your own unique rooms and hallways. This map addon takes advantage of Creator Dan DiPietro's other token packs such as Town & Market, Alchemist’s Laboratory, and Town & City Professions. Want to enhance your gameplay even more? Check out Instant Dungeon, Town & City Buildings, and Dan DiPietro's other map packs.

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