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Drop In Dangers Vol. 1

Author: Owlbear Emporium $7.99

Drop In Dangers Vol. 1

Welcome to Drop In Dangers!

This pack contains two mini modules for D&D 5th edition complete with maps, encounters, tokens, handouts, puzzles and room descriptions ready to drop into your campaign. These modules include a simple plot hook, but feel free to alter anything to better suit your game.

Included in this pack :

Arkalathon's Tomb

A trip into an ancient mummy's tomb optimized for a party of 5 level 2 players. Battle Tomb Guardians, swarms of scarabs, bats, and the mummy prince himself!

Manor of Madame Mimsey

A mystery in a haunted manor optimized for a party of 5 level 3 players. Learn the fate of a local socialite caught up in a web of deceit and treachery, solve puzzles and defeat the ghosts that haunt this manor.

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