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Mega Map Pack Bundle Vol 2

Author: Nathaniel Dorrington $14.99

We’ve all had these moments.
Your players have just murdered their way through a goblin and orc stronghold.
They killed every monster you set before them, except for one goblin that got away.

This would usually not be an issue, but today Bob the Barbarian is playing.
Bob has a zero-survivor policy.
Suddenly before you know it the party are chasing nameless goblin number 4 to the ends of the earth, tracking him through the wilderness, far from the wondrous narrative you had penned for them.

You’re in uncharted lands now dear DM.

Does this sound familiar to you?
We’ve all had a Bob the Barbarian moment.

But now you can be prepared!
In this second bundle of maps you will find a fully dynamically lit multi-tiered keep and dungeon for you wayward adventurers to plunder. It's ready to be populated with props and monsters and then you're good to go!

If a smaller scale battle is what you are looking for then we’ve also got you covered with an assortment of ruin battle maps for your party to stumble upon.

If you want something a little more urban, then there is also a mini-dungeon multi-tiered mansion, perfect for a villainous mage.

All maps come lit, only requiring furnishing and populating with whatever monsters and props you desire.

100% Bob the Barbarian approved.

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