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Dan's Deck of Forbidden Forests

Author: Dan DiPietro $6.99

The forest seemed to never end as the wind howled through the entangled system of twisted roots and ominous trees. A paranormal presence lurked in the forest leaving only fear to any who attempt to take refuge in under its shadowy canopy. The Dan's Deck of Forbidden Forest map pack comes with 5 premade maps complete with dynamic lighting. Two decks contain over 140 modular forest tiles allowing you to place them together in a never-ending sequence of wilderness. The Forbidden Forest map pack contains:
*Ponds & Streams
*Boulder Fields
*Military Encampment Tents
*Unfurnished Customizable Templates
*and more!

If you like this pack, check out more of Creator Dan DiPietro's other map packs, token assets, and deck add-ons.

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