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Trick or Treat Deck

Author: SailorCat $4.99

Treat yourself, trick your players. ...Then treat your players.

The Trick or Treat Deck contains 28 Halloween-themed encounter cards designed to bring variety to your tabletop. Players find themselves dealing with odd vendors such as the Pail Rider, strange locations known only to the sages among confectioners, and of course, what's Halloween without monsters? What's more, several encounters have outcomes that affect one another. This deck introduces an undead familiar option, a full-featured undead player-character race, 24 unique items, and three recruitable NPCs. Please note that this deck contains a number of light-hearted encounters—it isn't all doom, and gloom.

With the rare exception, combat encounters include options for CR1, CR5, CR10, and CR15 parties. Most cards contain DM notes you'll want to avoid sharing with your players, which is why there are only a few cards available to preview for this set. Intended for use with Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition.

Thanks for haunting!

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