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Deck of 101 Prophecies

Author: Paul Camp $4.99

Some of the greatest fantasy stories in history revolve around a grand prophecy. A prophecy adds mystery and depth to your campaign. But in RPG's they can be difficult to handle without a good system.

With the Deck of 101 Prophecies players simply draw a card to find out what the Fates have in store for them. It's the player's job to make the prophecy relevant to their character and the story. The more convincing and meaningful players manage to weave their prophecies into the story, the greater the rewards. Of course, unwise interpretations might lead to darks ends.

The DM can sit back and let the players find hidden meaning behind the divination. This way players won't feel railroaded and they get a real say in how they would like their characters to learn and develop.

This addon also allows you to create custom prophecy cards. You can use text or make an image appear inside the crystal ball. Maybe a small piece of the map, or a hidden treasure?

This pack comes with:

A guide with tips for creating prophecies as:

The Deck of 101 Prophecies works with any gaming system.

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