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Dan's Deck of Instant Forest Grove

Author: Dan DiPietro $6.99

No campaign is complete without sending PCs aimlessly wandering through thick remote forests. In the Instant Forest Grove map pack, you will have access to 70 tiles consisting of general woods, small fields, ponds, fallen trees, and boulders. Each tile piece with it own unique terrain including hills, cliffs, dirt patches, and rough patches of grass. Gain access to even more manmade terrain including railroads, paths, and even a few remote buildings.

The Dan's Deck of Instant Forest Grove modular map pack wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t fit in with Dan DiPietro's other instant packs. The railroads easily fit into the Instant Mine Creator pack as well forests into the Instant Dungeon Creator pack. Want to know how to set it up? Check out my YouTube video to see a preview of the forest grove in action.

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