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Rune Puzzles Addon

Author: Paul C. $4.99

Rune puzzles can be easily dropped onto doors, maps, treasure chests and magic items. Simply drag-and-drop the rune puzzle onto an existing image and you're done. Instantly change your favorite sword into a rune inscribed magic item that can only be activated by solving the puzzle. Lock doors and treasure chests in a dungeon, or have your player's budding wizard pass an intellectual test to join the college of magi.

This pack comes with 30 rune puzzles, 10 hints, all the rune letters of the alphabet to create your own messages and a short manual with tips on adjusting the difficulty level and creating your own puzzles. Rune puzzles work with any gaming system.


There are two versions of Rune Puzzles. The 'rune puzzles module' can be downloaded and printed for table top play. It can be found here. This 'rune puzzle addon' can't be downloaded, but is set up for easier play with roll20.


i Can only be used with Roll20; cannot be downloaded.

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