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Critical Chart Decks

Author: Dan DiPietro

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

Price: $6.99

With the Critical Chart Decks you will gain access to 6 decks and over 50 flavor text description cards. All cards are designed not to make you roll more, but to make you role play more! The flavor text quickly adds humor and interest to your games. Decks include: Critical Hits, Melee Weapon Critical Fails, Ranged Weapon Critical Fails, Spell Critical Fails, Thrown Weapon Critical Fails, and Natural Weapon Critical Fails. While these decks don't add a lot of time to the speed of combat, Critical Chart Decks can be extremely fun and add memorable/unique moments to gameplay. Most cards also include recovery ideas as well as alternative effects to draw from. The decks are meant to spur the creative minds of players during their epic battles.

The Crit Table Decks function as a game add-on ready to play as card decks. The decks are best used for D&D and similar fantasy games but can be used for most other games as well.

Deck Examples:

Minor Bleeding
After watching your opponent make several predictable movements you capitalize by laying a staggering strike severing an artery causing 1 damage per round.
Recovery: Bandages or magical healing cures this effect.

Ammo Break
The strain of your weapon puts too much compression on your bolt or arrow breaking it in half.

Explosive Blast
Arcane energies crackle with explosive power around you. All flammable objects ignite and characters surrounding the caster take d6 fire damage.

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