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Escape the Room: Fantasy Edition

Author: Paul Camp $4.99

In this complete escape room you'll find a variety of puzzles players must solve within one hour of suffer the consequences. All the artwork and puzzles have been set up for quick and easy play. The escape room:

You'll also find tips on adjusting the difficulty level, avoid getting stuck, and incorporating the escape room into your existing campaign setting.

The escape room has two starting scenario's:

1. Escape the College of the Magi
"Breaking in to the College of the Magi to steal their magical secrets might not have been one of your brightest ideas. And nobody told you about the magical lock that's currently preventing you from leaving..."

2. The Tournament
"Every year a grand tournament is held where parties of heroes can prove their mettle. You have one hour to complete a set of challenges using only your wit and resourcefulness. This year the challenges have been produced by six powerful wizards. Rivalling parties and important possible future employers are closely watching who prevails and who fails miserably..."


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