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Calentra City

Author: RPG Fantasy Graphics $4.99

Are you constantly trying to build a city and just can’t figure out what you want to put in it? Have you gone the extra mile and made a city with details and details and more details. Of course you have, that’s what gaming is all about, but I have taken that time and made for you a custom city with great amount of details broken down to all the information in the Map Key, including a bite size more with details including lore on the city, a basic description of the port city Calentra, along with the history of the city and the ladies and lords of the town over a small range of history. Each shop and place have information detailed out for you. In addition, names of important people related to each establishment have been already made for you giving you their name, race, height, weight, hair, color, and age. Giving you a little room to create the appearance of that person in your own eyes.

Note: No Characters sheets were made so this Addon can be used across any system fitting a medieval style play.

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