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Temple of Na Zelja Boga

Author: Meditating Munky $6.99

In "Temple of Na Zelja Boga", the Party will be traveling into the Deserts to find the Great Resting Place of the Ancient God of Wishes. It is rumored that this site appears once every 1000 years on the longest day of the century, but many also believe this to be a Myth.

This is a Medium to High level (5-10) short adventure that should take 2-3 sessions to complete. It is fitted for 5e D&D and uses the Shaped Sheet created by Mark Lenser (Kryx on Roll20), Lucian (Lucian on Roll20) as the default sheet. The adventure has a high chance for Much loot and even the possibility of a Wish Spell at the end.

Included in this Add-On

Enjoy the telling your Players the Mysterious Tale of Na Zelja Boga today! Keep an eye out for more One Shots, Short Adventures, Art Packs for Tiles, Maps, Tokens, and Endless Decor on the Roll20 Marketplace! As always, Feedback is appreciated, you can find me on Twitter @MeditatingMunky, I don't bite!

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