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Short Order Heroes Complete

Author: Jesse Butler $14.99

"Short Order Heroes is the ultimate rules-light role-playing game and character personality builder. It's a deck of 150 cards that can be used to instantly brew up player characters and NPCs and resolve conflicts.
This version includes the original 108 card deck plus 12 fantasy, 12 science fiction, 12 horror, and 6 pulp cards from our themed expansions.

How it Works
In a word: fast. Each card has a picture, an adjective, and a number.
To create a new character, draw some cards from the deck, depending on how fleshed-out you want the character to be -- we recommend 3 for PCs, down to 1 for throw-away NPCs. The adjectives describe what makes your character unusual. Fill in the details and off you go.
To resolve a conflict, first set a target number -- higher is harder. Then draw a card. The number on the card tells you whether the action succeeded, the adjective gives some color to how, and the picture provides added inspiration.
To enhance other games, the cards can quickly add personality to otherwise bland encounters -- ""Thug #2"" is now ""The unnerving thug"", the barmaid is complicated, and more.

Why Short Order Heroes?
With Short Order Heroes, you spend less time fiddling with the rules and more time telling the story. Character creation and conflict resolution take seconds, and instantly fill your game world with color and flair.
Short Order Heroes is an entire role-playing game in a pack of cards. It's perfect for one-shot adventures where you don't want to spend all night making characters and miss playing the game.

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