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The Skybreaker Chronicle

Author: Arcane Minis

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

Price: $14.99

The Skybreaker Chronicle - A Sordane Stories 5e Adventure

APL (Average Party Level): 7-8

This all-in-one adventure was released as one of our monthly releases. If you're interested in getting awesome monthly adventures, stls, maps and more check out our current monthly release here!

Seeking to overcome the barrier that has kept Sordane isolated, Grand Artificer Thalia and her team aboard the Horizon Seeker have developed a device they believe capable of bringing planar travel back to the world. Opening a gateway to a new world, Tooj, can the characters overcome the voidborn creatures, determined to enter Sordane and feast? Or will they fall victim to this new world filled with powerful creatures born from lies, ferocious alligator warriors or powerful golems, guarding the way home?

Module Contents Included

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