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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Broken Shells

Author: Stands To Reason Games

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

Price: $4.99

Unearthing Evil

Deep within the humid embrace of a murky swamp, a tribe of Tortles has found an unlikely home within the crumbling ruins of an ancient sanctum. The Tortles, more specifically their own chieftain, unearthed a long-buried relic, a forgotten artifact that once held divine significance. However, as the relic saw the light of day, so too did strange and malevolent forces awaken within the sanctum's decaying walls. The once-holy temple, now warped by the relic's influence, has become a nexus for dark energies, and has imprinted itself onto the once peaceful Tortle tribe. As the sanctum's atmosphere turns corrupted and the air thickens with the pulse of infernal magic, the Tortles find themselves at the epicenter of a struggle between the relic's forgotten purpose and the encroaching darkness that seeks to consume their newfound home, them, and the land surrounding it.


  1. Corrupted Temple Setting. Immerse your players in the eerie atmosphere of the Sunken Sanctum, a corrupted temple that was once a place of divine worship. Navigate through partially flooded rooms, twisted corridors, and the heart of the sanctum, where dark forces converge.
  2. Five Unique Magic Items. New custom magic items for your characters to find, and use in their future adventures such as Vor'thaal's Virulent Grasp Glove, a dark leather glove with acid-infused powers, enhancing both melee and ranged attacks and the Gemstone Conduit; bestowed with the essence of corrupted gems, providing benefits in gem-related interactions and elemental resistances.
  3. Seven Challenging Boss Fights. Seven brand new, custom bosses for your characters to face off against from corrupted Tortles, a paladin gone mad from the forces at play, to the infernal forces themselves who seek to make their new home in the ruined sanctum.
  4. Dynamic 40x40 Map. Explore the expansive 40x40 map of the Sunken Sanctum, featuring overgrown paths, twisting corridors, and a central chamber pulsating with infernal energy.
  5. Infernal Events Unfolding. Experience a dynamic adventure as the players navigate through the temple, witnessing infernal events and rifts manifesting as the artifact's corruption intensifies. The sanctum is a living, breathing entity, reacting to the party's actions and adding an element of unpredictability to the story.
  6. Roll20 Integration. The adventure is seamlessly integrated into the Roll20 platform, featuring custom character sheets, dynamic lighting, and custom visuals to enhance the online tabletop experience.

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