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Shattered Chapel

Author: Meditating Munky

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

Price: $9.99

Shattered Chapel

APL (Average Party Level): 3

Beneath the shadows of the Ragna Mountains, an ancient secret stirs. Inside a cryptic temple below the Runestone Henge, beckons the brave and the wise. Enshrouded in centuries-old mysteries, this forsaken sanctuary hides the formidable Atma Weapon, a sentient construct created by the ancient Dwarven Kings for times of dire need. A labyrinthine web of puzzles, runic wards, and concealed traps guard the Atma’s slumber.

In the quaint town of Brenos, whispers of legendary treasures ripple through the air. A dubious scholar named Dorgen Smorgh claims to have cracked the code of the ancient Dwarven tome. What mysteries lie in the whispers of the wind, and the shadows that dance between the monoliths? Delve into the Shattered Chapel, where every step could awaken echoes of the past or unleash doom.

What's Included?

Part 2 of 15 from the Tome of Dungeons collection

If you would like the full release of all 15 dungeons from the book, you can get it here

This adventure is part of the Seventh Moon Adventures series, set in the captivating World of Celia, and can be easily adapted into any other campaign settings.

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