Truly Wild Magic Random Magic Effects Deck

Truly Wild Magic is a full color 52 card deck featuring magical effects that occur when a spell doesn't work the way you expect it to. These effects can happen in place of the spell you were trying to cast or they can happen alongside it, use them any way you wish in your RPG!

Instead or rolling dice and checking tables you can simply flip over a random card or deal out multiple to your party if everyone is affected all at once!

  • 52 poker sized cards with random magical effects with humorous/serious tones that won't break your game but will add some fun to any situation
  • Boon/Bane/Neutral cards are all displayed with an easily identifiable piece of art throughout most of the deck but several cards have custom art work specifically for that effect.
  • Universal so that the cards can be used in any game system, just flip over a card when something in your game goes haywire and run with it!

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(Personal Use Only, Do Not Distribute)

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