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Set Sail for Breakwater Bay!

Author: Green Ronin Publishing

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

Price: $7.99
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Set Sail for Breakwater Bay!

The players’ characters may seek to become silver-tongued Envoys able to grant insight to allies and talk circles around their foes, brilliant Mages who twist the laws of nature to their needs, clever Rogues whose grace and stealth are a constant surprise for pirates and monsters, or fearsome Warriors who bring cold steel and hot sweat to bear against monsters and cultists.

But before your characters can begin a life of adventure, first they need to reach Breakwater Bay.
Set Sail for Breakwater Bay! is an introductory adventure suitable for three to five characters of level 1 or 2, designed to teach new players and GMs the basic rules of the Fantasy AGE game system.

Set Sail for Breakwater Bay! features the introductory adventure, as well as the Breakwater chapter found in the Fantasy AGE Core Rulebook.

Roll20 Edition Includes

Note: The full Fantasy AGE Core Rulebook is available now on DriveThurRPG and the Green Ronin Store.

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