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Unearthed Spoils #011 - Portals Through Time

Author: Grim Press

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

Price: $9.99

Unearthed Spoils #011 – Portals Through Time contains the following content:

● SPELLS FOR A MATTER OF TIME - A full slate of nineteen chronomancy spells for a mage of time and space.
● ARCHETYPE: SCHOOL OF CHRONOMANCY - Take the Wizard's forbidden path and learn a school of magic long restricted and reviled by many.
● ARCHETYPE: LORE DOMAIN - For a Cleric, can there be a higher calling than a seeker of truth through knowledge?
● BACKGROUND: PORTAL ADEPT - Eight new items to manipulate the temporal plane, including a powerful artifact.
● MAGICAL ITEMS FOR A TIME AND PLACE - Eight new items to manipulate the temporal plane, including a powerful artifact.
● CREATURES OF DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES - Seven allies and adversaries to meet in this timely adventure and to add to your own games.
● 5th LEVEL ADVENTURE: THE ORB OF GOOLON FANG - A heritage has been stolen and entire community is under siege from the crimelord who caused it. Are you willing to travel back in time and unravel the damage this monster has done without creating a paradox that might destroy it all?

Unearthed Spoils is a 5e Compatible digital magazine created by Grim Press. Each volume is packed with full-color art illustrating different types of content surrounding a central theme: Magical Spells, Classes & Archetypes, Backgrounds & Ancestries, Magic Items, Monsters & NPCs, and tied together with an epic Adventure.

Find out more about Unearthed Spoils on Patreon | Grim Press and join our Grim Press Discord Server to chat with us!

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